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VIE Magazine

VIE Magazine 2010

Have you read our Fall 2010 interview in VIE Magazine with intro by Gerald Burwell?

Here is an excerpt:

VIE was recently graced with the delightful opportunity to get better acquainted with South Walton-based ATW Roofing and its owner, Britton Bartlett, through an impromptu interview. ATW Roofing brings a new meaning to doing business in a local community. As an architect in my former trade, I have had considerable experience in the building industry. It is refreshing to know, especially in the current financial and business climate, that there is a company like ATW Roofing that not only strives hard to please their clients, but also goes out of their way to serve their community with equal fervor. VIE is proud to showcase this exceptional company, and, on behalf of ATW Roofing, we extend to you an invitation to get to know them better.

Read the complete ATW Interview (PDF format) or visit the viezine website.

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One Response to ATW Roofing Interview in VIE Magazine

  1. Lyola says:

    This was an excellent piece on you guys! It is refreshing to see a business care about it’s client and take pride in their work.