About our Owner & Founder

A brush stroke....born the son of an Atlanta builder/developer, our founder Britton Bartlett has been walking construction sites as long as he can remember. He cut his teeth as a carpenter's helper during his teens. At 22, while pursuing an English degree, he joined the US Navy Seabees. He proudly served 9 years, receiving 2 Navy Achievement medals. While attached to the U. S. Naval Construction Battalion NMCB74, and NAS Sigonella Sicily. Britton managed construction projects worldwide - including runway repairs, aircraft hangar construction, and base facilities. He also worked on public infrastructure projects in several Caribbean countries and led facilities projects as refugee relief during the 1990s.

In 1999 Britton co-founded a family construction company which, enjoyed explosive success. After publishing numerous homes in national architectural and home magazines, Britton found his niche and left to form Canvas (ATW Roofing’s parent company.) It was a natural evolution. The desire to build high end, challenging projects, and the desire to be intimately involved in each led to the conviction that only a limited number of projects could be carefully managed at a time. Britton works with a limited number of architects.

In managing these niche projects, he discovered a deficiency in local roofers, capable of the critical task in properly protecting and covering these challenging structures. Water intrusion is the #1 exposure to all structures worldwide and that is magnified in Florida. Britton’s unique perspective as a General Contractor, Roofer, and Inspector equip ATW Roofing with providing the best quality product in Florida’s challenging environment.


The birth of ATW Roofing Inc.

Our Roofing work was originally founded on the principal of providing maximum protection, and minimum liability to the builder (us) for water entry in new construction projects we built. Canvas Inc. (our parent company) has been building custom luxury homes, affordable homes, and commercial structures in the Panhandle for more than 20 years. As a 3rd generation builder, our owner Britton Bartlett knew that water intrusion is a builder’s biggest source of liability exposure. Water leaks have the ability to cause incredible damage quickly (often undetected until the damage is severe.) Early on, he decided the way to best mitigate this was to have full control over all waterproofing issues (including roofs) on the structures we built.

This fostered an innate desire for the absolute best performing product possible. Quickly, other builders and friends recognized this unique difference in focus. Our roofing efforts were not profit centric, but ‘insurance policies’ covering the structures we built. We were soon approached to install and repair roofs for others. ATW Roofing Inc. was born.

More than 20 years later ATW Roofing Inc. remains a separate, but integral part of Canvas Inc.’s services to the community. We’re proud of the product we produce, the corporate culture of service we’ve fostered, and the ability to perform in a full range of offerings for our clients. With the highest levels of licensure - as a Certified General Contractor, Certified Home Inspector, and Certified Roofer, we hope you’ll look to us for your next roofing, repair, remodeling, or new construction project. As a Veteran we’ve stood ready to serve for over 25 years.

Serving clients from 'Pass to Pass'- Santa Rosa Beach, Panama City Beach, Rosemary Beach, Freeport, Inlet Beach, Watersound, and the surrounding areas.

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